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Available Courses

  • This introductory course, which involves reading, powerpoint, and video resources, takes about six hours to complete. Once you complete it, you may wish to receive CE's for it. In that case you will need to go to the Atlantic University site, purchase the course, and receive the CE's once you pass the course quiz. For others of you, you may wish to sign up for the DreamStar certification program. And others may simply apply the learning in their daily dream sharing with friends and family.
  • The DreamStar Certification Program is the complete 10-module program, designed to prepare you to facilitate individual and group dream work using the FiveStar Method. To enter this course, you need to have a login and password first, which is available upon enrollment in the program. If you would like to review the program, you can enter as a guest, but will be unable to perform the functions of a student.


If you want to take the mini-course, or view the DreamStar Certification Program, you can log in as "demostudent" with "Luciddream1?" as the password--both of which are case sensitive without the quotes. If you have trouble logging in, try cutting and pasting the password.

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