Online Course:
Incorporating Effective Dream Work into Counseling Practice:
Putting the Five Star Method to Work

If you are interested in taking a mini-course on the FiveStar Method, then please feel free to take it. It is currently being offered as a NBCC-approved CE course for licensed counselors, in collaboration with Atlantic University in Virginia Beach. If, after completing the course, you are interested in receiving 5.75 hours of CEUs, you can go to the AU website and pay the fee, or go there beforehand and sign up.

The course will not cost you anything, but neither will CEs will awarded unless you pay Atlantic University for that benefit. I have authorized AU to have exclusive rights to provide CEs for this course.

Note: You need high-speed internet and Quicktime to view the videos! If you have a Mac, you should have Quicktime, but if you have a PC, you might need to download a free copy of Quicktime Player.

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