Dream Consultations

If you would like to schedule a dream consultation session, please submit payment via the Paypal link below, and then send me a copy of the dream(s) that you would like to discuss. I will be notified of your payment, will review your dream, and then will contact you to arrange for a Skype, Zoom (similar to Skype), or phone consultation.

You can book an appt. via my online calendar:


If you are currently in therapy, please let your therapist know of your interest to have a consultation with me before scheduling a session. It is important for your therapist to know and to approve of my involvement before scheduling a session with me.

I look forward to working with you!


The costs for mentoring or personal dream consultations in co-creative dream analysis are $100 per hour via phone, videoconferencing, or in person.

Dream Consultations with Dr. Scott Sparrow

To receive more information about DreamStar services, please contact me with your queries.